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Tsukasa Hiiragi

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/08/29 10:47 JST In Figures
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The cutest most adorable Figma out so far - Tsukasa Hiiragi.

Been carrying her around with me everywhere lately.

See clip below to see whats with the Keitai (cell phone).

I didn't really watch Lucky Star - it was the first EP that put me off but after building a relationship with Figma Tsukasa, I feel that I need to acquire all previous Lucky Star episodes. Was Lucky Star on your watch list?

If I was to have a complaint about the Figmas it would be that the hair on the back of the head prevents some of them from looking up.

I heard from many Figma owners that bits snap off but thankfully has not happened to me so far - where have you been trying to insert your Figma into?

When you want to express that something is too cute you say "Kawaii-sugi" [かわいいすぎ].
"sugi" means "too" as in "too much."

So for example you can also say "Tabe-sugi" [食べすぎ] meaning "to eat too much."

And so the story begins. Konata and Tsukasa are on the way home when the Gruesome Foursome show up behind them.

One of the gruesome foursome known as Spinzaku nabs Konata - the other three go to nab Tsukasa.

But Tsukasa is a sharp little girl. Her New Type 7th sense tells her that something fishy is going on behind her. Unfortunately her New Type skills are not so New Type and does not notice missing Konata.

But all Tsukasa can see are three men lined up in a row looking the other way.

Tsukasa continues to play with her keitai. The 3 evil men just about to nab her.

Luckily, Ken just happened to be in the area. And even before he sends the remaining threesome flying he says "you are already dead."

All wars have casualties and Spinzaku had his evil way with Konata.
Spinzaku looks up to see his comrades lying in a pool O blood and shouts "LULU!"
He then hurls himself into the air at Ken and unleashes the Spinzaku Kick.

But Ken is not afraid of the legendary Spinzaku Kick and gets out his finger to hit Spinzaku right in the delicate zone.

The casualties of war - but cutie Tsukasa is safe and thats the most important thing. Thanks to Ken.

During all this time Tsukasa is unaware of whats going on behind her and also unaware of Kens true intentions.

Now that the Gruesome Foursome are out of the way, Ken can have Tsukasa all to himself. Tsukasa's New Type Sense starts to tingle.

Tsukasa jumps up and unleashes the Tsukasa Kick and Tsukasa Finger of Doom...

But Tsukasa is no match for Ken who sends her flying.

Tsukasa is defeated and Ken moves in to claim his prize.

But before claiming his prize, he shows off the "Sample" printed on his boot - Thanks to Hobby Stock for the sample ^^;

While Ken was too busy showing off, Tsukaza was charging her secret move - the Reverse Gravity Heaven Cork Screw. Which sends Ken flying.

The Reverse Gravity Heaven Cork Screw can only be used once so Tsukasa seeks the aid of her daily transport - the metal alloy Goodsmile Tachikoma.

Tsukasa gets in and closes the hatch.

She goes after Ken who is recovering from her previous attack. She shows no mercy and rips him to pieces.

Tsukasa gets out of Tachikoma and does the victory pose. She shouts "Wrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy!"
An example of "Wrryyy" below.

The press arrive on the scene and Tsukasa does some cutie pie poses.

Hidden among the press is Figma Rin who was Kens lover.

Rin seeks revenge and polishes her kitchen knife.

Unfortunately for Rin, Tsukasa is able to pull off another Reverse Gravity Heaven Cork Screw which takes off Rins head. Tsukasa tries on Rins clothes.

But decides that she prefers her own Winter gear and continues to play with her keitai.
The end.


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