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Kanu Unchou

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/08/17 16:48 JST In Figures
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I completely forgot to pre-order this and by the time I remembered she had sold out *everywhere*.
*none* of the online figure dealers or stores had her in stock.

Comrades at Kid Nemo took pity and sent me one - another figure to add to my bunch of SAFS ^^;

This 1/8 scale Alter figure of Kanu from Ikkitousen is probably the finest figure of Kanu to date.

I heard from many who have this figure that she was castoff deficient but I didn't encounter this deficiency - the top half of her body pops off easily allowing her skirt to lift over her peeping eyes.

One of these in the wallpaper pool.

The only complaint that I would have about this figure is that the base is quite big compared to other figures of the same scale.

If you have a review of this figure, feel free to share in the comments.

As we are on the subject of figures, thought I'd let you know that the translators from this weeks job posting are currently busy working on a few hundred figure descriptions and you should expect to see their work in an announcement soon.

Many other projects in the pipeline and will post job positions in my News Items.

In the near future I will need the talents of folks with the following abilities.
Japanese > Chinese (traditional/simplified) translation.
Japanese > French translation.
Japanese > Spanish translation.
Japanese > Korean translation.
CSS ninjas (fix any CSS problem for any browser).
jQuery programmers.
Data input staff (image uploading/data collection).
Program Managers (manage remote staff and small projects).

Please don't contact me now about these positions but just wanted to throw that out there to get an idea of how many of you are available for remote work and which skills you have.

We recently talked about our weak points in the Oh My Goddess article and today I would like to touch on our strong points and skills.

Its important to recognize your own strong points and skill set. If you have a skill set that you can use in an area that you are passionate about then you may be close to answering that "there must be more meaning to life" question that you may be asking yourself in the mornings.

As a teenager, I didn't really think about my strong points or skills and as a result I ended up not knowing what I wanted from life for a long time.

After discovering Japanese culture, I started to self study Japanese and recognized that I had the ability to absorb the language quicker than anticipated. I decided to improve my Japanese speaking skills by taking an entrance examination which got me into the second year of a BA at London university.

By further enhancing my Japanese speaking abilities, I managed to get into Japan Airlines and finally to Tokyo.

Another one of my skills which I recognize is my creative ability. I realize that I like to create stuff and have many people enjoy that output - whether its designing shoes, making websites, filming videos or building Gunpla.

Another skill which I acquired much of at Amazon is my business negotiation skills. There are many business groups in Amazon and convincing groups to do something usually required the loss of a few limbs.

So my job today involves my Japanese speaking, creative and business negotiation skills in a field which I am passionate about (which also involves free gadgets and figures ^^;)
One of my strong points of being able to focus on a task until completion complements these skills which enable me to grow my business at a rate which I'm pleased with.

Recognizing your skills is not bragging - its not only important as an exercise to help your self development, its also crucial that you let others know of your abilities.

I think I've mentioned it before but my profile page has many of my skills and experience listed. I've seen many people link to that page and call me an idiot "show off", but at the same time I've made many comrades on the Internets and also many business clients who have required my skills and services through that page.

If I kept quiet about my skills/abilities just for the naysayers then they win and I loose - potential comrades/clients are not going to be able to guess my abilities.

What I was hoping to do today is while we drool over pics of Kanu is to talk about our strong points and skills - see it as an exercise to help you discover what you can be doing right now to alter the path of the rest of your life.


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