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A Week in Tokyo 22

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2008/08/14 13:18 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Missed a week so this week contains stuff going back to the Wonfes at Tokyo Big Sight.

If you are not attending the Wonfes to get hold of any exclusives then there's no real point in queuing up for hours - arrive at 12 noon and you will be able to walk straight in with 5 hours left to drool over the figures.

The enterprise booth areas looked kinda sad in the small area that they had allocated to them this year.

Not sure if I'm going to the Comiket this Sunday. The next show I'll go to is probably Chara Hobby or the Tokyo Game Show.

In countries like Germany, these empty bottles can be exchanged for money which encourages folks to proactively recycle. I'm sure Japan can be doing more on the recycle part.

Mikuru gets a new weapon.

Bibimbap lunch - 890 yen.

Park your bike at the cost of zero yen for the first hour, 100 yen for the second. If you leave you bike in an area where you are not supposed to park it then always be under the assumption that it may be impounded when you get back.

Out getting groceries.

Tis the Summer festival seasons where lanterns are lit at Matsuri and these Happi are worn.

Mos Burger wants you to eat their spicy hot chicken burgers.

An Ultraman show at Minato Mirai.

Charging my Suica pass which I use to travel on the trains n buses. Suica can also be used to pay for goods and services at many places.

Sea O bikes.

Sexy Moe Mini Skirt Police make it to a Pachinko machine.

Gathering the girls for a dusting down.

How often do you dust down your figures?

Do eat at home from time to time - served up by Mikuru-chan.

BLT Lunch n cheerleader Mikuru. Speaking of cheerleaders, cant wait for Heroes next month. Any other American drama of late that you recommend?

Picked up some speakers for the office - Logicool LS21 - 3,153 yen. Sound is pretty decent.

Looking for somewhere new to eat at during lunch.

Lunches typically cost 1,000 yen for a decent meal. How does that compare to your region?

Colorful vending machine. The bottles here cost 150 yen but depending on where the machine is, you can find some as low as 90 yen.

Mikuru faints from the mosquito incense.

Haruhi tries on Mikuru-chans frog suit and likes it.

Exclusive to Mc Dees - a pink diamond studded Hello Kitty hand bag costing 650 yen.

Mikuru gets a new set of clothing.

Took this last week and the place looks different already what with the new stash of SAFS ^^;

Trying to grow a Mikuru.

The latest To Love Ru manga 10 is out.

Just noticed that the girls closet to me all have weapons. Ringo's weapons are mounted on her chest ^^;

iPod Touch and Mikuri accompany me during a healthy meal at Mc Dees. Speaking of the iPod Touch, was looking for an alternative image viewer app (could not find one) but stumbled onto an app called pennies which helps you keep tab of how much you spend per month - thought it would be interesting to see how much we all spend and on what.

I used to spend quite a bit of money on figures but... not anymore ^^;
Of late, I tend to spend my money on food and commuting. The only things I recall buying lately is the new lens, Ringo figure, speakers and the To Love Ru manga.

How much money do you spend on yourself per month and on what?

Lovely blue skies in Tokyo - but very hot.

Electronic payment card Pasmo introduces a feature that will send mail to designated email addresses when the card is used at a ticket barrier. They are marketing this for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids.

They also have a device which can be installed at home so the kids can let their parents know they are home just by touching the Pasmo to the sensor. The fee is 525 yen per month - details from hoiku-press.

Lunch with the GSC team at Indo Tei.

First time we stayed all day at the GSC offices but looks like we will have more long days ahead.

I should have posted these photos of Pixie Hiyori in Mondays article - will move these photos to that article next week.

Do note that this is the Decoration Master and that the final version wont have the joints that you can see on her legs.

Strategically placed tissue box?


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