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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/08/09 15:18 JST In Japan
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While in Akiba for the post Wonfes Hobby Traders Show, I scheduled some other meetings and went around snapping photos. Today we are going to have a general look around Akiba and tomorrow we take a look at all the ecchi stuff that Akiba has to offer ^^;

Its difficult to believe that many people were killed in this very spot a few weeks ago. Everything just seemed so normal.

If you are looking to snap some good views of Akiba, take the stairs in the building next to the Sharp sign. As you can see the stairs are outdoors so you'll be able to get some good shots.

Yummy girlie.

The To Love-ru girls at Toranoana.

Its cool today but the weather of late has been horrendously hot. The armor is going to kill me when I'm filming next week ^^;

At the traders show - just a handful of stuff that we haven't covered yet.
Here is a sample of some squeezable eyes. The note says...

"Soft Oppai. Go ahead and give em a squeeze."

Yamato Valkyries have been around for ages - not sure whats so different with these ones.

As with Yamato's other mechas - its colored plastic. Would look great if they painted them.

Never really got a chance to watch Patlabor.

Name that mecha thing.

More Patlabor goodies.

Then its back out in the sweltering heat onto the next meeting.
Many places have the iPhone 3G in stock now. Softbank are even introducing cheaper plans for the "light" internet user down from about 5,000 yen to 2,000 yen-ish per month.
I'm waiting for the 32GB and better battery life version.

Right outside the station there are a few tall buildings with restaurants at the top with some nice views.

Anybody enjoying Sekirei like me?

Eroge is still hot business in Akiba. Folks would reserve their copy and then come to line up for it when its out. Big titles are launched at midnight.

Bump into AkibaHobby-san again - he was on the way down and I was on the way up to the traders show.

Much more folks attended this years show compared to this time last year.

Folks who say that all the nice girls are in Shibuya and Omoesando don't know what they are talking about - Akiba has loads of nice (2D) girlies.

Pachinko shop front. Been meaning to give it whirl. Have you played Pachinko before? (Whats Pachinko?)

The Eva girls at Akiba Island.

Lunch with comrades at Akiba Today.

Another meeting after that with Good Smile.

Pop into K-books to pick up some goodies.

At the Akihabara station "electric town" exit. I first visited Akibahara with a friend and asked him to take me to a shop which sold idol gravure photo books ^^; The days when all health care material came on paper was tough - carrying over 20 kilos of carry on luggage back to the UK was probably the cause of my current back problems ^^;

Do you remember the first shop you went to when you visited Akihabara?
For folks who have not been yet, what type of shop will you first raid when you visit?

Patrick busy at work.

Akiba ecchi stuff tomorrow - prepare tissues.

For nosebleeds.


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