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Mirai Merchandise

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/03/05 08:05 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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OK, been putting this off for too long now. Need to hand in my design request to Azami sensei today for a Mirai-chan (My mascot for those who don't know) dakimakura sheet, bed cover and oppai mouse pad.

I think I will reuse the Bikini Mirai for the oppai pad but want a new illustration for the sheet. Most dakimakura have two sides - one with clothes and one with not a lot of clothes or nekkid - would you mind if one side was of nekkid Mirai? or would you prefer if she was scantly clad instead maybe showing half a pupil? ^^;

Was wondering if you could help me choose a pose too - the above is a screenshot of the Dakimakura Rankings at Amazon - can you tell me which type of pose tickles your fancy?


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