Japanese Hairstyles

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/03/04 20:23 JST In Japan
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Snap taken at the local shopping mall. 14,000 yen for just a perm sounds rather expensive to me - no wonder they dropped the price to 10,500 yen - still sounds expensive though. Maybe its because they are calling it a "Digital 3D Perm" ?
I currently get my hair cut for about 4,500 yen. I should go once a month but end up going once every two months.
Does it cost an arm and a leg to get your hair cared for in your neck of the woods?

Speaking of hairstyles - see the cutie Mai-chan get a make over below - you may want to skip to 1:16-ish to see her. She looks very nice at the end too.

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