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A Week in Tokyo 21

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2008/07/31 04:14 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Yet another week blazes by in Tokyo. I need to find a shop where they sell time in bottles.

Nothing better than a carton of strawberry milk after lunch - 105 yen.

Sorting out the paper from plastics for recycling. I need to talk to Goodsmile to see if they can introduce some sort of eco packaging. For example, instead of having the normal plastic mold, have some sort of air filled plastic balloon which deflates after pricking it with a pin.

Do you like the packaging that figures currently come with or can you see some improvements to be made?

Throwing out waitress Mikuru boxes and co.

At the recently opened Shinjuku Piccadilly cinema complex.

Folks waiting to get in and do hanky panky on the back seats.

Are you the type that always grabs popcorn and other foodstuffs when you see a film?
Am I the only one who always ends up sitting with folks nearby who makes loud crunching noises?

Currently showing is the new Miyazaki movie Ponyo, Kungfu Panda, Dragon Kingdom, Pokemon, Happening, Indy Jones, Gegege no Kintaro, Hana yori Dango, The Magic Hour and Narnia.
All English movies here are available subbed and dubbed.
Are movies typically dubbed or subbed in your region?

Any Soul Calibur fans here? Its out tomorrow in Japan. I don't know much about the game but sword wielding gothloli Amy looks moesome.

Filling up the tires of me bike for the first time in 6 months ^^;
Folks can use air pumps at bicycle shops for free. As bicycles are a common form of transport here, there are bicycle repair shops just about everywhere.

If you break your dolphin, they will fix it for you here.

Looking in a 100 yen shop for boxes to contain figma and nendoroid parts.
Where do you keep all your figure bits n pieces?

At the pharmacy filling up on pharmacy-type stuff.

Hello Kitty mosquito repellent!
Stick in batteries and then strap it to your forehead.

But I decided to go for this plain boring one. I somehow couldn't convince myself to wear the hello kitty one in public.

Folks who have been to Japan and follow Japanese culture closely will notice that a large number of Japanese dye their hair.
I was influenced by JPOP culture when I was a teenager too and dyed by hair light brown.
If I was to ever dye my hair again (unlikely) I would dye it white so I can "resemble" Dante from DMC.

Have you dyed your hair to a color different to its natural color?
Is the dying of hair popular in your region too?
When I visit Asian regions, I see some dyed heads but not as much as Japan.

Important message here - nappies for babies...

And nappies for the elderly...

Our bodies are built to last for only a certain amount of time. I need to think about this more but I see our bodies as a shell that we are given - our bodies being different from every other human being.

Some of our bodies are given to us with faults (born with asthma or short sightedness like me for example) or worse.
Our physical disabilities are not a disadvantage - only an inconvenience that we learn to live with.

Our shell is our companion until it becomes unusable - and it will happen to all of us. Look after your shell and it will look after you.

Make the most of your life with your shell while it is strong and healthy because the reality is that as time passes, your shell will deteriorate in quality over time - its the way of the universe. Everything has a beginning and end.

If you cant stand the whiff of other humans excrement (poo) then you may want one of these - its a spray that you carry about your person and use when you get assaulted by that poo smell.

They also market this in a way so that you should spray after taking a dump yourself. Are you in need of poo-smell-killer? Its only 207 yen - maybe you can pick one up as a souvenir for your boss as a hint?

Kitagawa Keiko love. Hmmmm, I need to meet her one day. The other person who I would like to meet is Hirano Aya - interview around the corner ?

So I decided to pick up that portable mosquito repellent.

Comes with batteries and a disc that contains repella-mosquito-and-flies.

You can hang it off your belt, around your neck or stick it in your underpants. Lasts 120 hours until I need a replacement disc. The unit costs about 750 yen and a disc costs about 350 yen. Have not been bitten once since I got this. I'm usually always bitten by mosquitoes while outside.

Is your region ridden with mosquitoes too?

"Ochugen" [お中元] is a custom in Japan when in particular, people who do business with each other send gifts of food.
Here are some Ochugen which we have not eaten yet.
Not only do free SAFS arrive but free food too.

Melissa is so cute that I want to eat her.

On the move for more meetings.

Its early morning and some old folks are raiding the dustbins for plastic bottles. They take these bottles somewhere where they are paid in cash for them.

Summer time in Japan = festival time and you will see many lanterns hanging here n there.

This is the Matsudo area - home of Good Smile and Max Factory.

If you need space for hanky panky then you can rent some. Some of these spaces come with girls who help you with the hanky panky.
Interesting how they use 2D girl posters.

I need to get a basket for my bike for when I go and get groceries. Am thinking of one of these foldable ones.

And this is what it looks like unfolded. Does it look bad? Its about 3,900 yen.

Meetings at Good Smile. Many people ask how come I get to go to Good Smile all the time. Answer is simple - we do business with each other.

The SOS dan girls always look cute in the car.

Cheerleader Mikuru?

Getting a bite to eat. At some restaurants, you are given a beeping device which will release 90 volts of electricity to alert you that your food is ready.

Kua'aina does great burgers.
There was also a Kua'aina near the offices at Amazon. You had to look left n right and under the table to check for other Amazon employees before talking about "stuff" ^^;

This weeks office. Always have terminal windows open to rsync and tail mysql logs.

I would take figures off these shelves when in thinking mode.

DokiDoki Majo Shinpan2 is out and I have my limited edition Puchi Nendoroids of Maho and Koron ^o^
Doki Doki action below. For those who don't know - its an eroge in disguise for the NDS.

The ceiling Ikea lights broke - the 3rd time Ikea lights have went poof. Does it happen to you too?


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