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Max Factory

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/07/28 04:39 JST In Good Smile Company
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Just thought we'd take a look at the latest bunch of SAFS which all just happen to be Max Factory goodies^^;

First up is another Mikuru and Kyon Figmas. Carrying around Mikuru with me everywhere means that paint slowly starts to rub off her hair so having one extra in hibernation makes me feel a bit better ^^;
Do you carry figures around with you? If so then do they get damaged? I saw that some members carry around Figmas in cases.

One thing I like about the Kyon figure is that he comes with a video camera - he will be getting up to mischief in figure shoots to come ^^;

The gorgeous Feena.

The towel is difficult to take on and off so I leave it off.

The base comes with a transparent stand to hold up the hat but not sure whether its really needed.

Another blood. Catch a review of her at WCouldX.
If you have a review of this figure then feel free to post the link to your review in this article.

You can also catch up on the latest figure news and reviews in the Figure News - thats where I found WcouldX's review.

The waitress Mikuru (Mikuru Asahina Cultural Festival Ver). I think this is one of the only figures I've seen where the PVC looks better than the original. The optical eyes on the original looked a bit odd but the printed eyes on the PVC look great.

Mikuru also comes with some Nekomimi and a tail - just like the waitress Tsuruya-san.

The frog Mikuru is another one I carry around with me often - paint is rubbing off around her head ^^;
Hibernated Mikuru to the rescue.

Makoto Sawatari - check out the gorgeous photo review at Mukyaa. If you have a review of her, feel free to post the link.

The Nida hat was inspired by Marvin's Mikuru review - all I need is to find a decent gun for her in my Gundam collection.
Again, if you have a review of Figma Mikuru, feel free to post the link in this article.
You are also welcome to post actual pics using the uploader.

Waitress Mikuru closeup. The tray hand is removable for a neko pose hand. The cups are not removable which is a shame because I wanted to put a head on the tray ^^;

Some of the other Haruhi girls.

Just wanted to let you know that will be back.
What I plan to do is to have the figure news feed from the member news (which includes my figure news), my figure articles feed and your featured feeds on that are classified under "figures" flow into the new with thumbnails.

It will also display thumbnails from the figure group over at Flickr.

There will be a new system so that figure sellers can list their figure inventory so that you can find the cheapest figure available online.

I'm also thinking of having a system where you can swap or sell your second hand figures but not sure how important that is to you.

But if you are buying second hand figures, you need to consider the dangers.

Yuki takes a spin in the land speeder. Star Wars vehicles make great Figma props ^^;
I cant find my Scout Walker or Speeder Bike anywhere though orz.

If you are looking for any of these figures then try one of the following.



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