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Oh My Goddess

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/07/29 16:35 JST In Figures
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Is there anybody out there that does not want this figure?

Will talk about this figure at the end of the article but thought we'd talk about other stuff as we look at the photos.

Today I thought we'd talk about recognizing our weak points.

Your own weak points could be a wide range of things like being impatient, procrastination, unforgiving, narrow mindedness etc etc.

I remember having an interview at Sapient (who are no more in Japan). The guy interviewing asked me to tell him my weak points.

As I didn't have any ninja interviewing skills at the time, I thought that anything I said would serve as a decision to not hire me. "They are not going to want to hire somebody on to their team whose impatient!" I thought to myself.

Maybe a year or so later, I was working at Amazon as website manager on the Japanese management team. I was interviewing many candidates ranging from software engineers to senior directors.

By this time, I found myself asking the very same question that I was asked in the interview at Sapient.

The reason why this question is important is because it helps understand which candidates can recognize their own weak points and whether they have the ability or are willing to improve those points. It also helps identify candidates who can be honest.

At the Sapient interview, I answered "I cant really think of any (weak points)" and recall speaking to the interviewer on the phone later and saying "well I do have bad handwriting."
How embarrassing!

I wasn't being honest about one of the things that I recognize as one of my weak points - being impatient.

Everybody has weak points - nobody is perfect. Recognizing your own weak points and deciding what you want to do with it will help you.

For example, being impatient. I initially tend to want things to happen yesterday and because I'm impatient, I think about that thing/event a lot which is unproductive use of my time.
What I try to do instead is to focus attention to the load of other tasks at hand which takes my mind off the things that I'm being impatient about.

I also try to think about the consequences of being impatient. Impatience in the past has lead to me getting into silly arguments which make me cringe when I think about them today.

I still have an impatient streak but focusing on other things and thinking about the consequences before my impatiences takes action helps me a lot.

Procrastination is another weak point that I used to suffer from until I started to understand the reality of how short life was. If one of your weak points is procrastination, you may want to consciously measure how long you spend putting off a certain task. Add the time up after a week and see how much time you have wasted. if the total time makes you say "oh shiii---!" then hopefully it will help you realize that the hours you wasted are gone forever - irreversible, no rewind, no restore, no reset.

There is a clear distinction between relaxation/thinking time and procrastination. Procrastination is usually doing nothing important to put off a task.

Another weak point I used to have was assuming something thats not necessarily based on factual information or experience.
For example I would say "I don't want to do/try X because its boring/tastes bad" - but how could I say that even though I know nothing of or experienced X?

My wife helped me realized my narrow mindedness and now I'm game for anything and everything - when there is the opportunity to try something, I go for it while I'm still alive.

So today I'd like to talk about our weak points. By understanding your own weak points and talking with others who are similar, we can either overcome our weak points or somehow use them to our advantage.
While some weak points may be difficult to get rid of, at least we can learn how to prevent those weak points from becoming an obstacle in life.

The poll is very simple today - "do you recognize your weak points?"
If the answer is "no", I would recommend taking time out to take a deeper look at your "self" - understanding your weak points will help you. Ignoring your weak points can potentially hurt you and stunt development of your "self."

Ah, nearly forgot to talk about this gorgeous figure! Snapped these photos at the Good Smile offices. This Ah My goddess figure belongs to Max Watanabe - the boss of Max Factory. Apparently it was on sale many many moons ago but the lady I was talking to at the time didn't have much details. Apparently, one can find these floating about in the auctions at extortionate prices.


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