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A Week in Tokyo 20

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/07/23 05:51 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Starting this week with a pic that I took at Kamakura last week. The young and the old.
Remember folks - don't let others drag you down by telling you "you don't have a chance" or "easier said than done" or "do what you must do - not what you want to do" - these folks are actually speaking about themselves and want you to be in the same position as them. Unless they can see the future, they have no way of judging you or your current position.
Ignore them and start your mission today before its too late.

But before the mission, its important to eat!
My sushi lunch set - 800 yen.

I'm sure its the same all over the world but restaurants get extremely packed at 12 noon. If you are going for lunch, go at 11:30 when they start serving to avoid the crowds.

You can go at 1:30 which will help avoid the crowds too but all the "meal of the day" will be gawn. The meal of the day is known as "Higawari"

Is your lunch break at a fixed time or can you go whenever you want?

Outside small police booths, you will see numbers like these. The numbers in black show how many were wounded in traffic accidents.
The numbers in red show how many died in a traffic accident. Dont know why they display this but not sure if it actually helps people to become more aware when crossing the road/out n about. Is there something similar to this in your region?

I really need to watch this bicycle park to see how people get their bikes out from deep inside.

Hana yori Dango fans may want to catch the new film that's out.

Potato and Tomato spaghetti - 880 yen.

Bunch of old Super Famicom games. Back in the days when I had a Super Famicom, I remember finishing most of the games I had - Castlevania, Axelay, Street Fighter etc etc.

These days however, I find that I hardly finish the games I buy. Still have not finished Resistance, Ninja Gaiden, DMC4, No More Heroes - all games which I love but don't play lately mainly due to lack of time.

And why is it that many games just have you running round in circles looking for objects or exits - that is so old!

What unfinished games have you played, why did you give up and what games should your fellow comrade waste no time on?

Never noticed this house before and yet its just around the block. Maybe those vines grew overnight.

Many house designs in Tokyo lack any form of imagination - a box with holes in it.

The most most yummy Keiko Kitagawa. See her in action below.

Whenever there is construction going on in Tokyo, there will always be workmen waving their mini light sabers as you walk by.

My kinda graffiti.

Whenever a new food place opens in Tokyo, there will be crowds of people flocking to check the taste. Will only be a matter of time to see if this new Tako Yaki (octopus balls) place survives.
If the taste and service is crap, they will be gone within a few months.

Bet you didn't know octopus had balls eh?

Not common knowledge but did you know Japan has Tescos ?
As you can see, they look *completely* different to what folks in the UK are used to seeing. Do you have Tesco in your region too?
Check the awesome Tesco Wars video below.

This weeks kids meal freebies at Mc Dees which includes iDog...

Pizza with half boiled egg on top with minestrone soup on the side - 770 yen.

Mince Beef Katsu lunch - 780 yen. Take note that whenever you have katsu, most place serves the cabbage for free meaning that you can ask for more at no extra charge.

Okonomi Yaki with Mikuru for starters.

Fresh hand made onigiri - rice with a filling of your choice wrapped in seaweed - about 260 yen each.

Sushi n Mikuru for dinner.

At the pharmacy getting toiletries.

Hmmm. I think I'll go for some Korean food today.

Bibimbap lunch - about 680 yen.

Looks like I'm going to stick with my thick orange AU phone until the 32GB thinner iPhone is out in a few months.

Filling up the car.

Discharge static electricity from your body before filling up by touching the red hand/black circle or you may go boom.

Cars in Japan must have regular checkups to be road worthy. The last one I had ended up costing 70,000 yen.

Biohazard pachinko. I'm personally not a fan of Bio Hazard but I liked the girl with the tight blue top many moons ago.
The thing I dont like about the series is that you always start of with a naff weapon ^^;

Burst Angel and some idols get the pachinko machine treatment.

The lovely Yui Aragaki. Check the weird blog widget on her blog in the left column ^^;
Half way through the vid below you van see her go on a date.

The Japanese are great at maintaining tradition and culture. These are Hanko which is a seal of a persons name. Instead of signing, they use a seal instead - a bit like the wax seals.

I probably should talk about these one day and its importance in living in Japan - you need them to buy a house, open a bank account etc.

Food menu at Johnathan's.

BLT and Mikuru - 1,020 yen.

The Curry Fair at Johnathan's has started. Spicy food a part of your daily diet?

The new sigma lens is wonderful.

Buy two phones and get a Wii for free.

This weeks room. Got many figures months before they are released but cant show em until they are officially out - which is why the Mirai mark is there ^^;


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