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7pm in Tokyo - Evening stroll and site updates

Wed 2009/02/25 16:32 JST

Been working many changes to the site - not much difference on the front end but huge on the backend. Spent most of the day prepping the site to be updated in the evening.

After dindins and our evening stroll, came back to roll out the updates. Site was offline for 2 hours. If you came during that time then you was Trooper Rolled ^^;

Optimized many of the database queries. Still more work to be done though. The backend changes now enable me to roll out the News Items in Japanese - have been wanting to do it for a while now - the incremental Japanese readers since the NicoNico broadcast at GSC have prompted me to action. Hope to roll this out over the weekend.

The changes are as follows:-

- News Item images are no longer thumbnailed - you get the full image.

- Comments and Puchi Blurb pagination pages are capped at 6000 for now - need to do some observations before I raise that cap. Without the cap, the DB is hit quite hard. Also just noticed that dccom has got roughly 1000 comments per day for the past few days - currently all in one database which is filled with just over half a million comments @.@;;;

- Your profile page is now a bit different and plan to beef it up empowering you with more customization features. There is a bug right now where your profile blurb does not show up unless you filled in the anime you are watching, games you are playing etc.

- The calendar at the bottom of the paginated pages is gone but will be back soon.

I've got more work to do on the backend before we move the site over to Amazons EC2. That should be done in March.

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