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No Foreigners Or Pets

Sun 2009/02/22 03:02 JST

The fun and games of looking for apartments in Japan for gaijin.
Chintai Coopration is a site for folks to seek apartments. The area is red that I highlighted in red on the screenshot is the "take note of" column and mostly contains "No foreigners or pets allowed." Also note that the page was last updated "2009/2/16." Feel like watching Planet of the Apes all of a sudden.

But I have heard views from the landlords point of view too. Many landlords are elderly folk who cant speak English and find it difficult to communicate by gestures alone.
Some other landlords have had nightmares where foreigners run a mock and are not able to follow simple rules such as separating out their garbage into combustible/non-combustible which is a requirement.

A few resources below for foreigners thinking of renting apartments in Japan.
Housing in japan
Tokyo Apartments
Tokyo Real Estate
Tokyo Property Purchase

I don't experience this sort of discrimination now that I have my own house but may get it when looking for an office. Still love it over here though.
Come to think of it, I experienced more of this discrimination growing up in London left right and center - but then again I did grow up in Hackney which was voted the worst place to live in the UK!

I hope you don't but do you experience this form of discrimination often in your neck of the woods?

Planet of the Apes trailer below.

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