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Breast Enlargement Ringtone

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/02/20 03:21 JST In Japan
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Kudos to Henry for this news item - will hijack it to BoingBoing and credit him.
My time is running out at BoingBoing - got until next Monday JST so if you find anything that you think BB readers will be interested in then please post as member news and if I hijack to BB then you should expect a tidal wave of traffic - you deserve it.

Update: Posted to BB here.

As for this news item, all I can say is "Oppai! Oppai!"

Original text from Henry below.

Meet Hideto Tomabechi, a cognative scientist that studies the mind and artificial intellegence.

Dr. Tomabechi has developed a ringtone called "Rock Melon" that he claims that it could increase a female's breast size through a ringtone that is based upon a crying baby and when listened to for 20 times a day for about 10 times a day, a female’s bust will grow by at least 2cm.

Let Dr. Tomabechi fill in the details...

Science at Work for a better future~


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