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Wed 2009/02/18 05:28 JST

So you probably know that I'm guest burogging on Boing Boing now - all my previous posts in the Guest Blogger category.

Been mostly writing about Japan stuff picking up my previous articles but am doing some non Japan flavored posts too including the Russian Fortress of Brick Icicles which got picked up by Yahoo and is currently on their top page. That post links to my post on BB and the BB posts links to the dannychoo.com top page - server receiving a hammering right now as you can imagine ^o^

New business opportunities and making sure the site is up and running has been taking a priority of late so have not been posting as much as before. But would rather keep up the quality and post original photos taken around Tokyo rather than go for lower quality quantity.

Which brings me to a question that I ask many folks regarding the amount of posts - how many posts per day is enough and how many is too much. Many folks tell me that they gave up on other sites that they regularly read due to the increase in the amount of posts.

From some bloggers point of view, more posts = more page views but what I'm discovering is that more posts = less incremental users as folks who have just visited the site are presented with a load of low quality posts.

New folks visiting the site need to soon discover the quality content. A site owner has about 3 seconds to convince the new visitor to discover more. The site owner then has less than a 30 seconds following the initial click to convince the new visitor to carry on reading.

"Call to Action" links or features then need to be in a visible place to "convert" the new visitor into an incremental user by getting them to bookmark or RSS subscribe. These days I go a step further and present new users with my Facebook and Twitter URL so that they can keep up with site updates.

Also1: Whats your definition of a "news item" and an "article" on dannychoo.com?
Also2: Do you have any fave posts on DC that you think I should post on BoingBoing?

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Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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