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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/05/04 14:50 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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I've been invited to Germany to speak at the Trend Day conference next week - currently rehearsing and tweaking my slides as I write this ^^;

The organizers Trendburo are an agency who research and identify/suggest market opportunities and point out trends for businesses. This years conference theme is about identity management and I will be explaining what Otaku is and touch on the different identities of the Otaku. I will also talk about my companys product Mirai Gaia too - the web platform that this site runs on.

Nervous as hell even though I've presented a few times at Amazon, Microsoft and at the Imprint Conference in Los Angeles last year. Each time was only a couple of hundred but this time its over 600 attendees. Need to think about something else to to keep me relaxed - some 2D girls? Maybe you can help by posting some cutesome 2D girls in the Member News section for me?
These are photos from last years Trend Day which include Muhammad Yunus who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize - presenting on the same stage make me even more nervous ^^; More pics at the Trend Day Flickr Stream.
Was looking up info on presentations and came across something that said out of dying, heights, water, flying and speaking in front of people, most were most afraid of the speaking ^^;
What are you most afraid of - does not have to be any of the above.

For me its "speaking in front of others" as I'm not good at it. Not particularly scared of dying as we all have to go sooner or later - I just make sure I make the most of it while I'm alive and focus on reaching my destinations while I'm at it.

The conference is held in Hamburg and you can see my profile page at the Trendburo site. Will be taking time out in Germany for a while too.
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