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Adultery in Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/10/02 15:29 JST In Japan
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You are in Japan and have a feeling that your partner is being unfaithful to you and having hanky panky with your best friend. If this fits your description then you are in luck as there are detective services available to help you discover the truth.

Having hanky spanky with a person other than ones partner (married or otherwise) is known as Uwaki [浮気[うわき]] and seems to be a popular past time in Japan. The word Furin [不倫[ふりん]] means adultery.
Searches on Google bring up topics like "Is there such thing as a faithful man?" and "What percentage of married men are unfaithful" and "the probability of men having an affair before they die is 100%" and "Its in the nature of a Japanese man to have an affair."

A survey shows the following results of married men and women who want to have hanky panky with somebody other than their partner.

  • Married men who want to be unfaithful - 58%
  • Unmarried men who want to be unfaithful - 41%
  • Married women who want to be unfaithful - 23%
  • [li] Unmarried women who want to be unfaithful - 19%

And as for those who actually went ahead...

  • Married men who have been unfaithful to their partner - 27%
  • Unmarried men who have been unfaithful to their partner- 21%
  • Married women have been unfaithful to their partner - 13%
  • [li] Unmarried women who have been unfaithful to their partner - 18%


But there is a savior for the ones who are cheated on in the form of "Tantei" [探偵[たんてい]] or "Private Detectives."
After living in Japan for a while, you will realize how many of these posters are up on the walls here n there - its for folks who need to hire detective services. Choose from hundreds of detective services and pay up to 85,000 yen for 5 hours of detective work.

The detective services will get one of their undercover agents to follow your partners every move - collecting data, taking pictures and video clips - the aim is to catch the culprit with their trousers down and a dolphin where it shouldn't be.
The agent captures the moment in a photo or video and hands the evidence to you with a report. This detective agency outlines the process and has a few thumbnails for you to gander at too.

The poster in this photo is for the detective agency Officel who will do everything to hunt down your partner with a range of vehicles including helicopter and will even travel overseas to catch that moment on film.

Folks with partners - do you have a feeling your partner is two timing you?

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Are you in need of some detective services and if so what for?

Are there detective agencies in your neck of the woods?

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