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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/02/07 06:14 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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With the amount of comments on DC and given that some of my photo articles are quite long, one ends up scrolling for ages to get through the content.

Need your feedback on how you would like the comments displayed. Was thinking that I should start paginating them where the first page shows 20 or so comments (+ any nested comments) and then go to page 2 for the rest?

Have a look at the commenting on Kotaku - would that work for you?

Or how about the commenting display on Digg? That thread has 166 comments with the first 100 or so displayed. Users then have a link which loads the rest of the comments via ajax so you don't need to refresh the page to see more comments.

I can also look into having comments load as you scroll - the more you scroll, the more comments are fetched from the server - this one will take more time to implement.

Picture of two girls at the beach playing "Comment Ball" from Moe Imoto - more from artist Tomose Shunsaku here.

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