Kotobukiya Alter MaxFactory Goodsmile

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/02/06 19:14 JST In Japan
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Latest SAFS - took this pic before todays Tokyo CGM Night where I got even more SAFS ^^; Kotobukiya and Hobby Stock came to Tokyo CGM Night.

In this bunch got...
Freeing Rin Kokonoe
Kotobukiya Kaori Kanzaki
Some Votoms mecha ^^;
Figma Hayate
Figma Seto Sun
Revoltech Guile
Revoltech Linghu Chong
Kotobukya Maaryan
Alter Kos Mos Swimwear
Nendoroid Puchi Edomae Runa

My fave out of the bunch is Maaryan and Alter Kos Mos - you can peel her top back but they didn't paint any pupils in ^^;
Ah and Edomae Runa - a cutie too. Think shes only available with one of the Seto no Hanayome DVDs.

Did you order any of these latest releases?

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