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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/03/29 04:28 JST In Anime
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Next we take a look at some of the new anime shows for the next and future seasons.

First up is Vampire Knight - a load of nice boys who look like girls - or they could be girls that look like boys. I hear Admiral Akbar. Vampire Knight starts April 7th.

The press kit that I got says that a new series of Blue Dragon starts in April but also says that its showing now - me confused. OP below.

Natsume Yujin Cho starts in July. Not much detail on the official site and didn't see a trailer but it looks very Hagaren to me.

Special A was at the Gonzo booth - looked like one for the ladies as its full of nice looking lads.

Blassreiter by Gonzo and NitroPlus airs next month.

The director of Ghost Shell SAC and Innocence brings us The Sky Crawlers - out in theaters across Japan on the 2nd of August.

Line Barrels makes it from manga to anime. Dont know much about it but its got huge mechas and nice girlies = must watch. The trailer looked good too but I forgot to record it ^^; Airs this Autumn.

Haoh continues the Fist of the North Star series. Not sure if its set before or after but I see a nice girlie who looks like Juliet = also must watch.

Soul Eater airs 7th of April - a BONES production.

Starting in April is Library War, Allison and Lillia and Oinarisama. Allison and Lillia PV below. Girls and planes - count me in.

Disney wants in with Robo Crosser - due in spring 2009!

More handsome lads in Kyo kara Mao - Airs on April 3rd. Dont know anything about this show but a search on YouTube brings up an OP for the "second season" below.

The Ikkitousen trailer they had showing looked pretty much like a hentai video...

Ryoko's Case File makes it to anime - airs this summer.

More Soul Eater goodies.

Cant wait until next week for To Love Ru. "Oppai Banzai" as they say in this part of the woods.

Necro Dragon - no relevant search results...

Xamdou another BONES show.

Hmmm. Most of these shows are manga > Anime just like this one - title is Kannnagi.

Has nice girlies which cant be a bad thing.

And a lookie at the manga version.

Disneys Hatsune Mickey.

Lighting was quite dark which my camera (or I) cant handle very well orz.

Crystal Blaze airs next month. Guns and naked girls? Sounds good to me. PV below.

Some 3D show by RedRover called Dandy. Merchandise looks cool ^^;

Tetsuwan Birdy that we talked about yesterday.


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