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Tokyo Anime Fair 2008

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/03/28 05:50 JST In Anime
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The biggest announcement in the otakusphere at the Tokyo Anime Fair was probably the Figma Hatsune Miku.

Met up with comrades from Good Smile, Max Factory, Mikatan, Akihabara News, Akibaos and AkibaHobby - check their blogs for coverage too.

Mikatan brought out Miku from the shelf for us to get better shots of this most coolsome figure.

Figma Miku Get.

The detail on her arm.


No release date yet but will let you know.

Needa who is undergoing some last minute changes before release.

Another Blood.

Gah - forgets her name.

Must have Moetan.

Must also have this Moetan too.

Thanks good for Good Smile - probably the most decent Idol master figures to date - maybe we can expect more...

The other Good Smile Miku.

A collaboration between Freeing, Animate and Good Smile will see these Haruhi keychains released soon.

These mini figures are based on regions around Japan - this is the Akiba set.

And this is the Kanto set.

Good Smile Nanoha.

Figma Nanoha.

SOS Dan. Kyon out soon.

The Good Smile set up.

Our next office will have a wall just like this - I cant wait!

The next figure from ToLoveRu is Konjiki no Yami.

Yum Yum Yum. Will be released this Autumn.

The Good Smile Lala.

I remember running behind the TV when I saw this thing as a kid.

Kureha by Beagle.

Kanu at the Beagle stand - her pupils kinda look big eh?


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