Honami Fujieda

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/03/16 05:41 JST In Figures
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An eroge called Fortune Arterial recently came out and there were a load of displays in Akiba featuring the game and all of August Soft's previous releases.

This is Honami Fujieda who stars in the eroge Operation Sanctuary which eventually made it to anime.
She was on display at Asobit in an August Soft cabinet display and I just had to have her ^^;
Operation Sanctuary eroge OP below.

The release is by Wave and while the quality isn't as good as the stuff you would expect from Kotobukiya, GSC or Max, she still looks pretty good. Love the pose although her left hand looks a bit odd. Absolutely love the shape of her melons, peach and cherry.

I think I've come to the conclusion that there are more nice eroge girls than anime girls and wanted to know what you thought?
Not only are there more nicer eroge girls, they always seem to be in action which provides an ideal source of health maintenance material too. And the thing about anime girls is that you cant usually see them in their birthday suit unless you regularly visit member Melonpan's ecchi gallery.

For those who prefer 2D girls over 3D girls, is your health maintenance kit comprised of mainly anime or eroge girls?

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