Underwear Gacha

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/02/02 14:29 JST In Japan
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Underwear and apparel maker Peach John have teamed up with Yujin/Takara Tomy to produce a most interesting product aimed at a most interesting demographic - Gacha undewear aimed at ladies.

These gacha come in the shape of some underwear varieties and are intended to be hung off ones mobile phone - 300 yen a go and available now.
Wondering if they will fit on some of the figures ^^;

Mobile straps are immensely popular in japan - its interesting to see business men in suits with a teddy bear hanging off their mobile - you see them all the time when commuting. All mobiles over here come with a hole to hang stuff from.
As for me - nothing hangs off my phone. Used to have a plain strap but took it off.

News via Info Seek.

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