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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/02/02 06:34 JST In Japan
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Saw this on TV the other day - thanks to Cyber for the find. A van that transforms into a house which these guys used to travel around Japan.

Original text from Cyberchaos below.

Quick summary:
3 Japanese high school mates want to go on a year-long road trip - Hokkaido up north to Yakushima down south.
Find out that there is not enough sleeping space when filled with gear, so they decide to custom build their own with a mid-80s Toyota truck base.
The build took 2 years, but with every comfort necessary.

Comes with:
Transforming roof to accommodate a 4 tatami sleeping area (Top)
Kitchen and dining area
A retractable porch/deck
Bathroom with a decent sized bath, shower equipment and western style toilet

Here is a vid of the roof in action:

They are now selling the truck for a mere $5,500
Please visit their Official site for photos of the build process and the trip. (WARNING: Severe engrish ahead)
Found on:
Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog

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