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Akihabara Girls

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/03/03 08:27 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Just got back from a sunny afternoon in Akihabara and noticed more nice girls than usual. So what does one do when there are nice girls in Akiba? Do what everybody else does and take a load of photos ^^;

This is the sweet Rui Kiriyama who was out n about promoting Fist which seems like some sort of online mag.

A load of people crowd around Rui-chan. Somebody got a video of her a few weeks ago at Akiba below.

Took this at about 2PM and still saw a huge crowd around her at 4PM.

You are in Akiba and only have an hour before you need to leave for the airport. You can take pics of the Akiba girls or look for something to buy - what do you do?

The word to describe the side of a face is YokoGao [横顔].
Yoko [横] is "side."
Kao [顔] is "face."
The "K" in "Kao" is softened to a "G" and thus YokoGao and not YokoKao.

In this case you can say...
"Rui-chan wa kawaii YokoGao shiteimasu ne" [るいちゃんはかわいいな横顔していますね] meaning "Rui has a cute YokoGao."

More cute girlies at the entrance of Radio Kaikan handing out fliers.

ZOMG! A huge crowd around three school girls.

The muchi muchi girl on the left is cute (whats muchi muchi?)

A bunch of Otaku aim their piece.

Otaku aiming their piece in broad daylight.

More school girls on the march.

Double ZOMG! Billions (ok hundreds) swarming around Hatsune Miku!

A great way to do instant free promotion.

Most are equipped with a digital SLR.

Many live bands play in Akiba too. Not sure what the policy is but the police seem to shoo the performers or cosplayers away depending on their mood.
Sometimes they shoo everybody, sometimes they leave the performers be.

I notice more n more cosplayers in Akiba. Was going to go in armor today but its in maintenance mode right now.

More school girls.

The gorgeous kaho spotted at Yodobashi camera.
More from Akiba during the week.


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