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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/02/01 02:44 JST In 2D Girls
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For folks who cant draw (like me) and want to make their own anime characters for either their blog, avatar or other (health?) purposes.
The screenshot shows how easy it is - just fire up the application and play around with the pulldowns.
Available is a character set for you to play with too.

I have not played around with this but it seems there is a way for the source to run on a webserver too - keep refreshing this php script and you will see moe anime characters being generated on the fly.

The original game creator is here, and screenshot from here. More resources at and you can even make the Lucky Star girls with this tool.

Original text from Risedawn below.

There are times that you want to create an anime girl but because of your drawing skills you are unable to create one. Fear not as there is a program created juz for your needs. Use this to create a anime girl of your dreams or use it to create a Mascot for your blog. Enjoy!!!

Download at:;13101046;/fileinfo.html/1/1

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