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Good Smile Company

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/02/25 08:28 JST In Figures
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Next up is the goodies at the Good Smile booth.

A load crowd round Hatsune Miku.

Good Smile set up a photo corner where you can play with the figures.

Mostly Nendoroids and Figma's.

As with each Wonfes, GSC have a huge booth with enough goodies to make you dizzy.

Kept going back to the Hatsune Miku case but there remained a constant blob of humans.

Eika-sama. Didn't turn out quite as I expected...

And neither did karen-chan.


I'm severely behind on my anime and still have not finished Sky Girls yet.


Was my first time to really play around with the Figma's and was surprised how well they pose. The paintwork is top notch too.

Wots his name from wots its name.

I want to see the Geass girls as figma's too - Shirley!

Haruhi - kawaii.

Lala-chan from To Love ru. Nice but would have preferred her school uniform version.

Slipped and fell again...

Wots her name from DC Dacapo. Pink...

Name that figure.

More Idol Chu Chu goodness.

Why Namco no jump ship and release on PS3?

Tony Taka Pantsu. Maybe shes asking if her bootlaces are tied properly?

Figma Mikuru rin rin.

Figma Haruhi hoshii.
You know that "hoshii" means "want" but how do you say you want something right now?
"Ima sugu hoshii!!!"
Ima = "now" [今]
Sugu = "soon" [すぐ]
Hoshii = "want" [欲しい]

Kyon = Ima Sugu Hoshikunai.
Hoshikunai = "do not want."

You know I forgot this chaps name...

Figma Saber looking very nice indeed.

Oh my. Figma Rin looking very very nice indeed.
Ima sugu hoshii!!!

And this was the only photo I managed to get of Miku ^^;
I'm going to the Good Smile offices next Friday anyway and will see what I can grab.

I have a feeling that I will own this very soon.

Zoids Remi Nendoroid. Kawaii ne.

Remi with chicken.

The photo area where you can play with the figma's etc.

Yuki wins. You don't need the plastic stand unless you are doing a one-foot-on-da-floor pose.

Haruhi is hungry for a beef bowl (gyudon). Me is hungry for Haruhi.


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