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Tokyo Snow

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/02/10 23:19 JST In Japan
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It's been snowing quite a bit in Tokyo lately (last night too) so thought we'd take a look at some of snowy Tokyo.

Waiting for a train going to Tachikawa.

At Tachikawa where the Kotobukiya head offices are.

The view from my room.

I remember it used to snow every year when I was a kid back in the UK. I guess the snow makes me feel even more of a kid ^^;

Our car snowed in.

Love watching the snow fall in complete silence.

Whenever it does snow, we make sure we go to the local park to play.

Snow men dotted around the field.

Doesn't snow every year in Tokyo so it was nice to see a load of it this year.

Lying in the snow watching the snow fall on your face is also great ^^;

We is build snow men.

We is have snow ball fight.

Snow is fall all day.

Snow man is look sad.

Riding bicycles in snow = accident.

Then its time for some lunch in a warm n cosy restaurant.

Lunch is Su La Ramen - a sour and spicy bowl of noodles.


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