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Japanese School Girls

Fri 2008/02/08 02:26 JST

Its been snowing a bit lately and when it does snow, I always see school girls with warm coats but at the same time wearing not-so-warm short skirts down below which is part of their uniform.

Some may consider me a sexist when I say that I don't mind school girls wearing short skirts as part of their school uniform but also feel its unfair that they have to wear short skirts in the freezing cold too - contradicting heh?
But the skirts are cute and I wont lie to you about me liking them - have a look at Konomi-chans skirt for example.
While I saw girls in trousers back in the UK, I never see Japanese school girls in trousers so I'm guessing that the uniform rules are pretty strict.

If you could make some decisions in Japan regarding what school girls wear down below, what would you decide?

Images via Vipper. The girl getting off the bus photo looks like a scene from an anime ^^;

Was just about to hit enter to upload this post when a thought came across my mind - who invented the skirt anyway and why is it originally designed for girls? Or is it? I see some men from Scotland wearing skirts and those bits around Gundams waist is called the skirt too. Maybe skirts were originally designed for Gundams?

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