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Char Rhouseman

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/02/04 00:05 JST In Figures
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I'm glad to say that GoodSmile managed to keep the PVC release of Char Rhouseman looking exactly like the master sculpt that they let me play with back last August.

Many PVC releases look a bit different to the original master due to it going through factory processes as opposed to being sculpt and painted by hand.

This is Char in her mid-way-battle-with-battle-damage-garment.

This one for you in the wallpaper pool.

Pretty much all of my figures are smiling or giving me an innocent look so its refreshing to have a "I'm going to whip your ass" expression.

Chars eyes have been described around the Japanese otaku blogsphere as "rockets" or "torpedoes."
I've asked the question maybe a year ago so I think I'll ask it again - what size eyes do you prefer?

Fauna's head fits pretty well on Char's bod.
Which reminds me - added a Fauna image to the wallpaper pool too.

Pink hair, green undies and a sword - great combination.

If you missed it, the Fauna figure review lives here.

Airi's head also looks good on Char's bod.

Maid, undies and sword - another great combination.
The Airi review lives here.

Char continues to battle even when her clothes have been ripped off by the enemy.

But now the enemy doesn't stand a chance as they are inevitably distracted by Char's secret weapons of mass destruction.

"Launch all missiles!"

"Missiles launched Sir! Captain Sir!"

"Give me a damage report!"

"The enemy has been wiped out sir!"

"Launch two more just to make sure."

"Aye Aye Sir!"

The details on this figure are pretty stunning.

Lovely curly wirly hair.

Fauna returns.

Airi returns too.

There is a snag with this figure and its this garment - its really tough to remove.

Char threatens to whip my ass or launch her torpedoes at me when I procrastinate for too long.

If you don't want paint coming off on your figure then I recommend that you remove some paint from the battle damage clothing with some thinnner - this is the thinner I use for my Gundam painting.
That reminds me - still need to finish that Gundam Wing!

As you can see there is quite a bit of paint to remove. I only discovered that the paint comes off on her skin when I removed this garment for the photo shoot. Some of her torso and eyes where covered in blotches of paint.
Color transfer from garments can be removed from the skin using thinner and a cotton bud - but don't rub too hard as the skin may start to rub off too.

The huge box and goodies that come with the figure. Nana Mizuki does one of the voices on the drama CD.

Char also comes with an illustration booklet. Somebody needs to attend to that wound on her right eye - any volunteers?

More cute illustrations spelled as "installation."

Loli Char.
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