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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/01/21 02:59 JST In Misc
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A quick going over the latest media stuff I've been in since the last update.

Below: First up is the Jan 15th issue of the entertainment weekly magazine SPA. They ran a feature on Second Life and asked me to say a few words about what I think of it.

My views on the graphics are that they look quite bad compared to other online games. I'd probably pay more attention if it had graphics like Mabinogi and more moe characters like Nao in it.
As for the monetization aspect of the game, I'd rather spend time building a web application that I know for sure is going to generate money (and available to anyone using a web browser) than building something in Second Life thats only available to a limited number of users.

I probably should explore more of the online gaming world though. Do you play online games? If so which ones do you recommend?

Below: And heres the full text for those who can read Japanese.
Below: Was also in the August 14th edition of SPA talking about and monetization. For some reason they call me the most knowledgeable gaijin on Akiba lol ^^;

Here I talk about my affiliate story which you may have read before in this article.

Below: And here is the larger version - click to view.
Below: I also write for Monoqlo magazine where I have my own figure column. Talk about figure displaying, maintenance, sizes and how you shouldn't put them in the refrigerator or they may start to smell of food stuffs when you sniff their panchu.
Below: Larger version wo dozo.
Below: Was invited to speak on a panel at Imprint Culture Lab in Los Angeles last year where I got to meet and network with top bloggers including Brian Lam of Gizmodo, Jeff Staple, John Jay, Josh Spear and Rob Heppler.
Below: The talk was written up by Josh in a recent edition of Giant Robot magazine - thanks to 0ne for the cover photo and Brian Lam for the scans.
Below: On the front cover of Asahi Newspaper - taken at the YouTube Mix. Thanks to Eddie Wong for sending this in.
Below: made it to the top page of - my stormtrooper dance video in Shibuya.


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