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Queens Blade Airi

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/01/20 02:04 JST In Figures
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If scythe wielding maids tickle your fancy then Airi from the Queens Blade series is your perfect tickling partner.

Apparently Airi takes on the form of a human and is some sort of spirit. She absorbs the spirits of other humans in order to remain in this world.

The base that she comes on looked odd at first - makes it look like shes floating. Read up a bit on her and realized that she actually floats in mid air ^^;

According to the Queens Blade site, her favorite past time is dancing. Would love to do a Tokyo Dance Trooper with Scythe wielding Maid.

The paint work and sculpt is gorgeous.

She comes with a huge removable scythe which you can use to pick your nose or bottom.

Airi is full cast off as you will see from the photos at the end of the review. If you are buying this figure, make sure to remove her clothing (you need to remove the plastic sheets underneath the clothing) and wipe off the lubricant from the inside of her garments. If you don't then you will find that paint starts to rub off on the inside of her garments.

Airi is the second figure I now have from the Queens Blade series - the other one being Tomoe.

Only decided to buy after seeing the review pics at Foo Bar Baz. Glad I made the purchase as this is a gorgeous figure.


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