Itasha Show

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/01/16 23:22 JST In Eroge
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Nihon Car has been heavily covering Tokyo Auto Salon where you can see the latest and greatest cars. But I personally prefer the Itasha car show held at the last comiket.

All these itasha can be found parked in the lot between Kokusai Tenjijo station and Big Sight.
Was the first time I got to see the cars first hand and am envious of the owners because my wife does not want our car plastered with stickers of Mirai-chan ^^;

I did do some research into the stickers and it costs 14,000 yen for a 500mm x 500mm weather proof sticker sheet - available for order from Palec.

This is my fave car with Pink Chu Chu girls - from the eroge Miraroma. Yum.

The next time you can see these itasha on show is at the next summer comiket. If you had to choose between going to Auto Salon and this itasha show, which would you choose?

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