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Broadband in Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/01/14 19:51 JST In Japan
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Through comments and mails that I receive, I see that quite a few readers are planning or scheduled to move to Japan. Apart from being surrounded by moeness, these folks are going to enjoy the worlds fastest internet speeds - according to

Seen the SpeedTest widgets on BBSs across the internets but never took the test myself until just now.

About 7.4Mbps down/10Mbps up. Most useful for downloading open source software and setting up a server at home (which I do). I have a dedicated optic fiber connection at home which is currently costing about 50 USD. Will also be pulling another dedicated line into the house to set up more servers.

A list of providers in Japan can be seen here together with monthly costs. I chose BigGlobe (you may have noticed their advertising in Code Geass) because they had a "sign up now and get the first 3 months for free" offer. If you are low on cash in your early months in Japan, you can actually sign up > cancel after 3 months and sign up again to continue to get free internet access. I done it once a few years back "for a laugh" but didn't have a connection for a week because they require a week before you can sign up again. Another week without an internet connection would be like a week without water for me ^^;

What sort of speeds do you get using the SpeedTest tool? Are there any providers in your region that folks should stay away from? How much are you paying per month?

I remember when starting out using the internet about 10 years ago - 56k dialup modem - took ages to download doujin pics which I found though Tinami.

BTW, the photo above shows the optic fiber modem in the back and the Buffalo hub in the front. I stuck hooks under a shelf in the cupboard which keep power adapters and wires off the floor and out of site. When will electricity be wireless?


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