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Figure Request

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/01/08 23:37 JST In Figures
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UPDATE: Sorry folks about the comment form bug - just fixed. I was on a plane back from Shanghai and was cursing myself because I was thinking "darn, I bet I left that '?' on the end of the post title."

Land at Haneda airport to find that I did indeed leave the '?' on the end. ToT orz ugh.

Anyway, I was also thinking on the plane while watching Sky Girls "darn, I forgot to put Eika Ichijo in my request list..."

GoodSmile are very interested knowing what sort of figures readers are interested in and recently asked me whether I would mind asking you what requests you have for figure production. Me no mind.
If you could request 5 characters for figure production, who would you choose?

GoodSmile will use your feedback to decide future figure productions but cant make any guarantees. If there are a lot of requests for a particular character then the more chances it has for PVC-ification.

Also, if you have a fave illustrator like Shunya Yamashita, Itou Noizi, Tony Taka, Ino, Pink Chu Chu etc then let us know too.

Figure makers have more freedom when working with illustrators due to not having to pay license fees for the likes of Haruhi etc. They also have more freedom and dont need to obtain permission to sell figures in certain markets. For example, if Goodsmile want to officially release a Haruhi figure in the US, they need to get permission from the official licence holder in the US (which is different from Japan). All these licensing processes and paperwork just adds time needed to release a figure.

My top 5 would be as follows - all 1/7 scale.

  • Mirai Suenaga bikini version with beach ball
  • Siesta (Zero no Tsukaima) maid version with full cast off installed
  • Haruka (Minamike) bikini version with sun tan lotion bottle and parasol
  • Chiaki (Minamike) full school blazer version with removable hat
  • [li] Kana (Minamike) white top, red skirt school version with red ribbon on panties


By the way, these are all figures which I purchased or received in 2007 - with a few more stored downstairs ^^;


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