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C73 Dakimakura

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/01/01 18:36 JST In Misc
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(Stargate warping sounds end).
How did you spend your new years eve? While the rest of Tokyo was empty due to all the folks going back to the sticks to see their family, Tokyo Big Sight was like another planet.

Got quite a bit to cover so will split everything up in sections - dakimakura, figures, enterprise, itasha and some items will be posted as news items so keep an eye on that section or subscribe to it.

First up is are the dakimakura, sheets, pillows or anything printed on soft material that you can use to #$%"`+@.@!& without causing permanent damage to your &"%#$#@.@T&T.

The really cute stuff were the Pia Carrot and ToHeart dakimakura and sheets - yum.

Not going to cover each of these items as there are a bit to many but I know there are a few eroge experts members who may be willing to help out with questions.

This report is being brought to you together with Akihabara News.


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