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Best anime of 2007

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2007/12/28 17:46 JST In Anime
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Reported by Yahoo Japan, over 2 million Japanese anime fans voted for their fave anime of 2007. The top 10 out of 100 titles where as follows.

Out of the 2 million votes, sola got 340,000, Lucky Star got 160,000 and Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn got 130,000 votes.[/li]

People who participated in the vote and didn't see their fave anime in the top ten said "I'm extremely disappointed."

My top 10 wouldn't look like that at all. I'd have to think about the order but my list would include Sky Girls, Xenoglossia, Darker than Black, Claymore, Gurren Lagann, Minami-ke - I know I've forgotten some.

Do you agree with the top 10 anime of 2007 that the Japanese voted for? What does your top 10 look like?

OPs for the top three below.
Below: sola

Lucky Star
Below: Katei Kyoshi Hitman


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