Perfect Grade RedFrame

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/01/17 00:59 JST In Gundam
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Looks like I'm going to get back into Gundam modeling come this March when the PG Astray is out. Retails for a whopping 18,900 yen.
The PDF of the above image also states that it will come with a comic of some sort and that you need to be over 15 to buy it. Wonder why the age restriction?

Original text from Subaruhess below.

Its official now, that astray perfect grade bandai advertised is infact going to be redframe. I'm not too sure but it looks like it still uses the same old strike as the base so I assume its going to be a retooled strike perfect grade? Anyhow it does actually look really good as a perfect grade, I found the 1/100 model rather plain & chunky. Cant wait to see the production prototype, could be my first perfect grade. Source official site:

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