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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/12/24 00:00 JST In Japan
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One of the most interesting things about Japanese culture is the studying-in-a-restaurant-thing.

Whenever I go to McDonalds, Dennys, Mos Burger, StarBucks (where this photo was taken), I would always see students quietly studying away.

I tried to look for reasons why people do this through this search query and came up with things like...

  • Able to concentrate more than being at (noisy) home.
  • Lack of time so do homework during lunch or dinner.
  • Can focus instead of being distracted by the computer (ero sites I'm guessing).
  • More space available so don't feel cramped (like at home).
  • [li] Get to use the cool air conditioner for free.

Where do you do your homework and how much of it do you get?[/li]
BTW, if you are learning languages then you may want to have a read through some of the techniques I used to learn Japanese.

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