Girls with Swords

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/01/15 16:55 JST In Japan
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Good news for those who said you prefer girls with swords in a recent poll - looks like more n more Japanese ladies are taking up the sport of samurai sword swishing...

Fuji TV news reports on how sword fighting classes are becoming popular among young women in Japan:

Their reporter joins one of the 2-hour classes to investigate. The class starts with some demonstration fights. After practicing basic movements, swords are passed out to the students so they can try out some techniques. At the end of the lesson, studen use what they learned to act out a sword battle scene.
Apparently it’s a good workout and helps improve posture.

So the takeaway here for the lads is - please be serious when going into a relationship with a lady - or risk having your dolphin sliced off if you play two timing.
News via Japan Probe.

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