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The Otaku Myth

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2007/12/16 19:01 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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The following photos provide hard evidence that the myth of Otaku not being able to get the girls is completely false.

As you can see from the following photos, otaku get to wine n dine with a gorgeous girl - and with a different girl every night.
Below: two chicken drumsticks - one for him and one for Nanoha.

Below: Bowl of chocholate curry - notice how the girl is also having exactly the same.
Below: Wine with cutie Louise.
Below: This guy gets to dine with three gorgeous girls at the same time - looks like dessert for all.
Below: And when the otaku has finished dining, he gets to have a passionate night of oolala...
Images via 2chart where you can see even more pics of otaku dining with gorgeous girls.


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