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The Machine Girl

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/12/11 04:04 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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If you have a fetish for sailor fuku school girls with a huge Gatling gun as a replacement for a severed arm then this will be right up your alley.

After the first few seconds of watching the trailer for "The Machine Girl", I thought "hmmm, looks interesting." Then some cheesy special effects started to kick in - but still want to watch it ^^;

From what I can make out from the trailer, the heroine has her family and boyfriend killed - and her left arm chopped off at the same time. She somehow manages to get a Gatling gun built to fit on her amputated arm which she then uses to shoot seven shades of shite out of her enemies.

The Japanese name for the film is Kataude Mashin Ga-ru [片腕マシンガール] and according to IMDB is due out next year.
May be a bit gory for some folks so beware.

Thanks to member DRAGUN for sending this in. If you have life saving information that all otaku must know about (like this item) then mail [tips at dannychoo dot com].
High res trailer at BrightCove and images from TwitchFilm.


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