Japanese Men Prefer 2D

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/11/28 04:18 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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The head of a health promotion research center in the Gifu prefecture made a statement on the current decline of abortions among teenagers and reduced sales of condoms...

"Young men not having sex is one of the main reasons. They don't want to get hurt (dumped by human girls) so never advance past 2D girls." (source)
For newcomers to the site - 2D refers to the girls that you see in the photos of this article, and 3D refers to girls that you see in the Idol section (humans).

For guys out there who are addicted to 2D girls - will you advance to 3D girls or stay on 2D?
BTW, these photos were taken at the last comike - doujin by Tsurukiya. I miss the Geass girls orz.

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