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Tue 2007/11/20 19:08 JST

Been seeing comments across the site lately suggesting that loli content leads to pedophilia or that people who like loli characters *are* pedophiles.

Under the SexBox 360 item, GunDude says:
What's up with Japan and pedophilia anyway? When I was a kid back in the 80s, japanese animation and mangas were cool. Now it's just creepy. I wonder what the parents feel about this. I mean it must be pretty scary if you are raising a young daughter in japan, you never know when she's gonna get raped.

Member bluki says:
true.. i'm disturbed, correction.... very disturbed with the recent 'trend' of so called 'loli'....... :(

Member Tanario counters with: I do think that the vast vast majority of lolita fans does not rape little girls, so i dont really think that the danger of having your daughter raped is that much higher in japan to be honest.

Member pkick supports with: This ain't a "new" trend, it only seems that way because otaku culture is becoming more noticeable.

International rape statistics courtesy of nationmaster.com
Japan's rate:
0.017737 per 1,000 people

Great Britain's rate:
0.142172 per 1,000 people

USA's rate:
0.301318 per 1,000 people

Even if you
(1) assume the worst about Japan and believe that only 1 in 10 incidents get reported, and
(2) assume the best about the Western nations and believe that every single incident gets reported, Japan's rate is _still_ remarkably low. Even more so considering its widespread reputation for perversion.

Japan certainly isn't perfect, but I don't think this is one of their major problems.

While I dont have a fetish for young 3D human girls, I do find the loli art style in 2D work cute. I have a few loli figures and watch what everybody seems to call "Sky Loli's" too but I don't consider myself a pedophile.
I'm presuming that those who regularly watch anime are used to the amount of loli characters that appear in many (most?) shows. Even Darker than Black had one.

There does exist rather suggestive poses/situations with loli characters - Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan are perfect examples. There are a load of doujin and eroge (like this girl from Happy Magaretto) too. Are products like this harmless or harmful to society?
Moetan is on my watch list (I'm very behind) but don't feel that it makes me want to go out and do evil.

However, some of the loli doujin stuff that I've seen at the Comiket does look rather wrong to me. I believe a few venues that sold loli doujin mags got busted recently.

What is your take on "Loli" - a huge part of the otaku culture?

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