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Sat 2009/01/03 03:58 JST

The Japanese government is putting forward a proposal to hunt down NEETs and Hikikomori in an attempt to get them back on their feet and working for society.

Up until now, there have been support stations set up throughout the country to help these folks but because NEETs and hikikomori have a tendency to just stay in doors, the program proved to be quite useless.

But this time they are going to use all means possible to hunt NEETs down and turn up at their door one day.

There are currently about 620,000 NEETs in Japan who are not proactively seeking employment or training.

Reminds me of when I was back in the UK - our neighbors had three sons who refused to work because they said that they receive free benefits from the government (and free rent) and didn't see the point of working...

Description of NEET from Wikipedia below.

NEET is an acronym for the government classification "Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training". It was first used in the United Kingdom but its use has spread to other countries, including Japan, China and South Korea.

In the United Kingdom, the classification comprises people aged between 16 and 18 (some 16 year olds are still of compulsory school age). In England, Wales and Northern Ireland students must finish year 11 (year 12 in Northern Ireland).

In Japan, the classification comprises people aged between 15 and 34 who are unemployed, unmarried, not enrolled in school or engaged in housework, and not seeking work or the technical training needed for work.

News via Sankei, NEET girl (?) from Gelbooru.

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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