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Tower O Gundam

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/01/02 09:24 JST In Gundam
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Member Zyuan shows us his Gundam collection - a load of GFF and kits. In the larger version you can spy some figures too. I must get back into Gunpla!

Original text from zyuan below.

Hello everyone. How about a little Gundam motivation to kick off the new year? I've started a giveaway on my blog. Whoever can come up with the best motivational poster using their Gundam models/figures will win a 1/144 Gundam Rasiel. You can check out all the little details on my blog. i'll answer questions here as well.

Don't know what's a motivational poster? Here's an example.

Good luck to all who wants to participate! May the biggest LOLZ wins! Thanks Danny for approving this post ^^.



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