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Drugs in Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/11/14 16:22 JST In Japan
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According to a recent report in the Economist, Japan is the most costliest place to get high.

A gram of cannabis weed costs about 58.3 USD compared to the UK's 5 USD.
And who controls weed in Japan? Foreigners. You can find many of them standing in dark corners around Shibuya's Center Gai flogging weed. For a while, it was common knowledge that the police didn't do anything about it but looks like they've pulled their act together a bit and are cracking down - a group of 77 drug pushers in Shibuya were recently arrested.

There were many folks who smoked weed when I was back in university which meant that I had to passive smoke it just by walking through the corridors.

Is drug intake popular in your region? I think there is a death penalty for people caught carrying drugs in Malaysia - I saw the word "Dadah" (drugs) coupled with a hangman rope on posters everywhere whenever I visited.

Below: A train driver for Seibu gets caught with drugs. He said he took it to recharge himself.

Via Gigazine.


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