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GSC 1:7 Scale Saber Lily

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/12/30 17:32 JST In Figures
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More "do not photo" stuff from C75 - this time round its the 1/7 scale Saber Lily. The "Kanshu Chu" [監修中] means that the sculpt is currently being submitted for approval. GSC cant proactively promote a design that does not have sign off so they must have the "no photos allowed" sign.

They have actually had some previous sculpts for other characters (cant say which ones or I risk cutting off my supply of SAFS) turned down for reasons like "well she does not do that in the anime" and also had requests like "make it so that the skirt cant cast off" which is why some figures that are made to be casted off arrive at consumers with the skirt glued down.

Original text from white below.

Posting again for two times in a row...hehe..forgive my eagerness..

Here we have Good Smile Company's gorgeous 1/7 Saber Lily taken at Comiket 75.Figure is set to release in June 2009.Price is still unkown but it most likely be a wallet bleeder again judging from the looks of figure itself.

2009 will be quite the year for us figure collectors. Hope we survive in one piece. ^^;

Source is still from Figure / GK.


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