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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/12/30 03:00 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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If you have a burogu then you may (or may not) be interested in a theme for Wordpress created by talented CSS designer YoU. Have a look at to see how he implemented it and you can download it here. You may get confused for a second as to what site you are on ^^;

I've tested it in my Localhost and it works fine. I would suggest you play around with the colors and background graphics to style it to your original recipe.

Just a note to say that I cannot be responsible for any data loss or slaps to the face by your girlfriend as a result from installing the theme - blame YoU instead (joke ^^;)

Parts of itself runs on a proprietary platform called Mirai Gaia - the other parts are old legacy software. Will be fully migrated in 2009.

Learned most of my CSS by looking at how others wrote theirs. You can learn a load from W3 Schools and by looking at the CSS code from the sites featured on Tech Crunch. The first full CSS page I ever made was my profile page - before that it was full of Table tags which are only meant for tabular data.

Would be interesting to know how many of you code HTML/CSS?


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