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100Mbps connection - 50 USD

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2005/08/15 21:09 JST In Misc
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For those of you still on lousy 46Mbps ADSL connections - now is your chance to have a real high speed connection - NTT are *still* having their no-installation-fees, free-for-3-months doo dah 100Mbps FTTH (Fibre To The Home) shenanigans. This means that you will be able to download at 100Mbps (best case about 70Mbps) and upload at about the same speed too - ideal if you are running servers at home.

So here is a tip if you want a piece of this coolsomeness - even when they are not doing any noticeable promotions - just phone up and say the magic phrase "I hear you are still doing the no-installation-fees, free-for-3-months doo dah" and bobs your uncle - a week later and you will be at risk from burning your house down due to the blazing speeds coming through that optic fibre.

Unfortunately, after the promotion period is over - you are going to have to pay 5000 yen per month (about 50 USD) - boo.But if you are a stingy git and like to live on the edge, you can have all of this for free - yay. Cancel your subscription just before the 3 months are over - call them back a day later and tell them that you are not moving to Endor after all and want to take out a new sub of "no-installation-fees, free-for-3-months doo dah". NTT's system is set up in a way that they have to do everything anew and cant just continue your subscription - bad for them because this goes to show how stupid they are but is good for poor people.

I tried this once for a laugh and I was truly laughing because it worked.
This is how my previous Optic fibre installation went. I want to run a few servers at home but don't want to share the server line with my own personal use - called NTT up and they said it was possible to have multiple FTTP connections coming into your home.
So what are you waiting for? Use the stingy git method and you too can be surfing and turfing at 100Mbps for free! Muhaha.


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