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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/12/28 04:33 JST In Japan
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Be careful of who you ask for help when in the Lane of the Rising Sun.
A 31 year old BMW employee was arrested by Kanagawa police for perversion.

A woman aged 25 asked him to help her start her motorbike engine. After doing so, the man dropped his trousers and said to her "how about you thank me with this?"

The woman went to the police straight after and they managed to catch the man. When questioned, the man said "After drinking (alcohol), I just wanted to get it out."
The question remains whether he was talking about pee or condensed milk...

Could not find a pic of a nice girl with a motorbike so have this one from Gelbooru instead. Hmmm. Shes quite nicey. Can anybody name the eroge shes from?
News via Sankei.


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